Tiling Pitched Roofs

Do you need our services in tiling pitched roofs in London? Re-tiling is the bread-and-butter of our work, and we re-tile all types of roof – concrete tiles, clay tiles, small tiles and slates. Typically, re-tiling involves the provision of scaffolding; removal of the old tiles or slate, removal of the membrane and battens; disposal of old materials; inspection and de-nailing of roof timbers and replacing where necessary, installing new roofing felt, tile battens, tiles, cementing the ridge tiles and refitting or replacement of lead flashing and verges. We aim to provide you with a long-lasting roof that provides excellent protection against the weather, a high level of insulation and is aesthetically pleasing both in the quality of the workmanship and in the way it complements the architectural style of your home and its surroundings.