Roof Windows and Skylights

Do you need installation or repair of roof windows and skylights in London? We fit a range of modern window products into both pitched and flat roofs which can allow light in to create more usable space while keeping the weather out and the heat in. There are two types: a Roof Window, which lies in the same plane as a pitched roof, and a Skylight or Roof-Light which is inserted into a flat roof, or stands proud of a pitched roof in its own enclosure. Loft-space can be transformed by adding a Roof Window to let the light in while minimising the effect on the external appearance of the roof. This often helps with gaining, or in some cases avoiding, the need for planning permission. Some Skylights are designed to be tough enough for you to walk on, but all let the light in giving the rooms below an airy ambiance. Given the range of products available, designed for safety, durability and security, it makes sense to ask for our advice to maximise the return on your investment and ensure long-term satisfaction.